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Ignite Heath - Crewneck

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XXV is partnering with AllSports USA to do something special this holiday season. 

There is a need in the Dallas community to warm the homeless. As the temperatures drop outside, humans begin to freeze. Everyday, we take for granted a warm home for us to go to. Not everyone has that option. 

XXV and AllSports USA will take the procedures of every purchase of these specially designed hoodies and buy firewood to drop around Dallas homeless congregation and create community fires. Right now they are burning trash, clothes and anything else they can in order to stay warm. We are providing a way better for the environment plus warmth. 

Be the Light is about starting as a candle, showing compassion and kindness and spreading that on to everyone we come in contact with. 

Help us keep our Hometown warm this winter. We will be selling these hoodies until it warms up and periodically distributing the wood as needed. 


Thank you for your donation!