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Hailing originally from South Carolina, Cameron Stratton (TYPO/SecretWKND) is a DJ, producer, and Co-Founder of NYT Club, a label operating in Dallas, TX. He began playing live events 5 years ago while releasing his first record as TYPO in 2018 with The Corporation via UK-based label, Punks Music.

TYPO has since released with labels such as Prime Nightcult, Wubaholics, Wormhole Music Group, and Sub Terranean, as well as features by FuxWithIt, EDM Identity, and Trillvo, among others.

Cameron debuted his second project, SecretWKND, in early 2021 as an alternative outlet to create and develop his sound while contrasting his previous works. SecretWKND recently self-released a 4 track EP titled, "Underground Love", featuring a guest mix on Dash Radio's White Owl's World. Cameron is thankful for the opportunities music has given him and believes deeply in his community of friends and committed artists pushing the boundaries of sound and audio/visual experiences.

Follow Typo on Instagram @typosounds