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Team Linda

Linda Diaz was diagnosed with Lung Cancer 2023. Your moral support is much appreciated as she fights through this. Anyone that knows my mom, knows that she doesn't really ask for help or attention. As an incredible human who sees nothing but the positive side of things, did not ask us to make t-shirts in her honor. But it only feels right to do something that at least shows there are people in her corner whether she asks of us or not. I wanted to create something that shows her faith, shows support but does not scream attention for her. All she really asks is you Just Pray. 

Mostly it is just a tough time to navigate work, family, feelings and all the challenges that lie ahead but we are doing our best to make it as stressless as possible for her. 

The Lung Cancer ribbon is Pearl or white. Her favorite color is purple. 


I love my Mom and would always do anything that I can to help her or not see her in pain. It is the worst, feeling so helpless, watching her go through this. She has been so strong, barely showing she is in pain or worried.  We have to just take it one day at a time, one step at a time, as cliche as it is, nothing is in our control. She has 100 percent faith that Gods will, will be done no matter the outcome. It has been life changing to watch her live her testimony. 

Thank you for your time and if you get the chance please Just Pray and maybe shoot her a message that you are thinking of her. 

 That is it. Just Pray.