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Saratonin is a DJ/producer from Houston, Texas. She is known for playing out dubstep of all styles, ranging from heavy riddim to deep dub and then to smooth, melodic dub. No matter what, her style is marked by major wubs and womps. Saratonin strives to push the limits of genres, never confining to anything in specific. Listeners find themselves getting emotional with their lovers to the deep bass one moment and then suddenly they are head banging at full force.

While she began mixing only as a hobby in the summer of 2017, she has quickly gained respect from promoters and began doing shows in September later that year. By December, she was performing roughly at least once a week. She has now played at festivals all over Texas such as Ubbi Dubbi, iLLfest, and the annual New Years event Lights All Night, and has opened for some of the most widely known dubstep artists such as Virtual Riot, Riot Ten, Phase One, Zeds Dead, Peekaboo, Dion Timmer, Bear Grillz, Ganja White Night, Jaenga, Slander, Space Jesus, Yookie, Kai Wachi, Infekt, Oolacile, Murda, sfam, Subtronics, MONXX, Calcium, He$h, Ubur, Slimez, Al Ross, Mastadon, Decadon, CHMST, Prophet, Mindset, FRQ NCY, Mystic Grizzly, and Dack Janiels.

Saratonin may be known for throwing down some of the grimiest bass tunes at dubstep shows, but her vision as an artist is much greater. She intends to spread positivity and love through her music and at her events, raising the vibration of the planet, one city at a time.


Visit her Instagram at @saratonintunez.