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Go Syd Go

In December of 2020, Sydney was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer.
It was discovered while she was at work one day when she began to experience symptoms of a lower GI bleed, and then eventually went into shock due to the amount of blood loss. She was rushed into an emergent colonoscopy where they found out the source of the bleed was a mass that turned out to be cancer. She spent 21 days in the hospital recovering from multiple surgeries and complications related to those surgeries. 

After 6 months of chemotherapy and another surgery, she finally got to ring the bell & was cancer free!

Unfortunately, when she went back in for her 3 month follow up the cancer had spread to multiple places. She will now have to undergo several more rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to remove the tumors.
XXV has partnered with Syd to help show her support, physically, emotionally and financially! Syd is a good friend, great human and the absolute light in the room. 

Shop her link below! 
Link to her gofundme.