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The year is 2020, and hindsight has given us a remarkable moment of clarity.

In the face of this hyper-deconstruction, EtrnvlWave is releasing a single to celebrate not only surviving the deep poverty and violence of South Florida, but thriving. Starting with a moody intro reminiscent of young Kanye's experimentation with autotune, "Clarity" picks up quickly when the beat drops and Etrnvl oscillates between reminiscing about times of struggle and juxtaposing it with proud reflections on his recent accomplishments. This track is a crowning achievement of the rising rapper, a veritable anthem of hope, and a solemn reminder that as hard as it gets, the trenches aren't eternal.

Mixing hardened perception with vintage bravado, Amari Walters (b. December 14th, 1994) has made a name for himself in South Florida as EtrnvlWave. Receiving over ten thousand plays for his early Anti-Social EP and his single “Did it Myself,” Etrnvl has put well over ten thousand hours into his craft. Now, he is ready to continue his streak of fully packed shows, bringing his energy to help relieve the cognitive dissonances that emerge in the contemporary subject.
Inquires email or follow him on Instagram @etrnvlwave.